Come in two types: open and closed. Closed terrariums are self-sustaining mini-ecosystems that require little or no care. Open terrariums are better suited, paradoxically, for both tropical plants and desert succulents, but need a bit more love and attention than closed terrariums.

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Terra Amazonia

15.000 KWD95.000 KWD
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Terra Arizona

15.000 KWD95.000 KWD
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BiOrb AIR 60

235.000 KWD
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Duck Pond Miniature Garden Accessories

25.000 KWD

Kalahari Royal – Cacti

95.000 KWD

Bonsai Garden – Royal

95.000 KWD

Cali – Large

45.000 KWD

Algarve – Medium

35.000 KWD

Fairy Garden Miniature Pond Kit – Figurines

20.000 KWD

Willow Tree Love You

15.000 KWD

Closed Terrariums

45.000 KWD95.000 KWD
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Willow Tree “Promise”

20.000 KWD
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