Terrariums are essentially tiny greenhouses, and they can be both open and enclosed. Within them,
we can appreciate all the naturally-occurring cycles inside an ecosystem, such as photosynthesis,
breathing, and water recycling.
At Terra Garden, terrariums hold a deeper and more sentimental meaning. We started the whole
Terrarium Trend in Kuwait. Over the years, they have become an absolute favorite among our
customers, thanks to our authentic and sophisticated designs and raw materials that were collected
from all over the world – all of them uniquely crafted to be one-of-a-kind.
Glass containers of all shapes and sizes will always find their way to our ateliers, and, with them, we
are continuously innovating how we approach terrariums to resonate with your company’s mission
and vision and make them the perfect corporate gift.
“Green Walls”

Green walls are vertical structures in buildings and residences containing living plants or other
greeneries attached to them. At Terra Garden, we plant these green goods in a medium (usually
made of soil, but also available in stone and even water), with built-in irrigation systems to make them
autonomous and self-sustainable.
Not trying to state the obvious, but there is no other known material in existence that can provide the
following benefits:

 Reduction in both outer and inner temperatures
 Improvement in local biodiversity
 Noise reduction
 Health benefits such as improved breathing and fewer infections
 Rainwater attenuation
 Focus, productivity, and creativity levels improvement
 Cleaner air, with fewer toxins and more humidity

“Indoor Plants”

We talk a great deal about how plants improve focus and concentration, but how, exactly? Studies
have shown that having indoor plants, such as the Adanson’s Monstera, the ZZ Plant, the
Madagascar Jasmine, the Pinstripe Plant, among others, can improve your concentration, focus, and
creativity by up to fifteen percent!
If you want to start a bit slower, maybe something more down-to-earth, you can always choose cacti
and succulents. Oh, and did you know that taking care of plants makes us better individuals?
Several studies have proven a connection between taking care of indoor plants with firm
developments in empathy, interpersonal intelligence, and teamwork – making them an excellent
addition to your apartment, even more so if you’re raising children.
“Pots & Containers”

Sustainability and social responsibility come full circle with our plant pots and containers. We have
partnered with several companies that resonate with our mission and vision. We aim to improve urban
and inner spaces by challenging and deconstructing conventional gardening.
The pots and containers we use in our projects are, mainly, the most vital elements in our
sustainability-driven goal. They require minimum watering and care, and if you’re short on floor space,
we also offer vertical and lateral potting.