The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Obviously, owning an indoor plant is great for decorating your home. However, there are much more even better reasons to own a plant. Plants help to boost your mood, help productivity and concentration, and promote creativity. They help create a more calm and relaxed atmosphere, causing anxiety and stress levels to decrease. On top of that, plants detoxify the air around them through photosynthesis, resulting in clean garden-fresh air.

Owning and caring for a plant is highly therapeutic and is especially helpful during this long-lasting pandemic, as Covid-19 imprisons us in our own homes. Adding plants to your living space not only adds life and color to the place but turns a house into a cozy home. Living in Kuwait, a desert, there isn’t much greenery is there? So, adding that splash of greenery to your space will give you that sense of freshness and turn it into a dome of uniqueness.

Organic Gardening

Gardening is indeed a great way to spend your free time. There’s no better way to make a salad than with the ingredients of your own little organic garden! Buying organic foods from markets is one thing, but growing your own gives you a completely different feeling. Not only do you get to consume pesticide-free, healthy, organic foods, but you get to taste what your hard work produced! Gardening is also extremely effective in terms of reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. This is a result of the M.Vaccae (healthy bacteria) in the soil. Breathing in Mycobacterium Vaccae increases serotonin levels, causing anxiety and stress levels to drop, and gives you a sense of peace and calmness. It also makes the soil healthy, which means healthy plants too!

Additionally, spending time outside whilst gardening increases your Vitamin-D intake since you’re spending more time in the sun, which is extremely beneficial for your body. It boosts the immune system which helps your body battle diseases and pushes you to achieve your daily dose of exercise. Gardening is also a much more productive and educational alternative for children instead of spending their time on video games and TV. Instead, your children will be able to observe how organic cucumbers, beetroot, broccoli, sweet pepper, and many more are grown and will take an interest in gardening as well. If you are looking for a healthier, more beneficial lifestyle, then at-home organic gardening is the right way to go.

Popularity of Indoor Plants

Recently, millennials have been passionate about owning indoor plants, which makes a lot of sense because we haven’t been able to be around nature due to Covid-19 keeping us indoors. So why not bring nature to us? Staying at home has also had a negative impact on the mental health of many millennials, resulting in the rising popularity of indoor plants. This is due to the fact that caring for and surrounding ourselves with plants can be very therapeutic and definitely helps with anxiety. Whether it’s a Cactus, Bamboo, or Alocasia, it’ll surely brighten up your homes and help you reconnect with nature, which is why indoor plants have become so well-liked amidst millennials.

Part of the reason houseplants are trendy to own is that millennials and Gen Z are continuously posting hashtags about their own plants all over social media. The more the trend grows the more small indoor plant businesses start to open up online, which means more people will purchase new plants. Social media also brings people that are interested in plants together and enables them to share their thoughts and ideas with one another. For those that have just begun, or are thinking about starting to collect their very own indoor plants may find this useful, as they can reach out to many experienced plant parents for tips and advice on how to care for their plants and what plants are the most suitable for them.