You walk into a room. It is beautiful, elegant, tranquil. Then you notice: there is a miniature garden in a glass bowl resting on the table. Inside the glass, there is a tiny world of ferns or succulents, a fantasy of colors and shapes. Welcome to the world of terrariums!

     A terrarium is a tiny indoor garden in glass, where perfect growing conditions can be maintained in a miniature natural environment. The first terrarium was accidentally invented by Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in 1842. He was observing insect life under glass and discovered that plants would grow in those conditions, too. He used what he called “Wardian cases” to ship plant specimens successfully from England to Australia and back.

    Here at Terra Garden, we have perfected the art of the modern terrarium. We create beautiful terrariums of artfully arranged textures, colors, and forms that will add serenity and pleasure to any room. Some of our terrariums are in lovely globes that look like orbiting worlds.


 Some are rectangular gardens perfect to be viewed from top or side.


And some even look like fish tanks!

 Because the plants are alive and growing, you can watch as the forms develop and change over time.

    When properly cared for, a terrarium is a long lasting treasure. Unlike cut flowers that start to decay the moment they enter your home or office and last only a few days, a terrarium will last and last because the plants are alive. This makes a terrarium an excellent and deeply appreciated gift.

    At Terra Garden, we use only the best, healthiest plants. All of our natural materials—bits of branches or interesting stones--are of the finest quality. Even our colorful sand is non-toxic! We will help you care for your terrarium. We offer free lifetime cleaning and pruning services, so you won’t ever have to worry. Our terrariums are covered by an unlimited two-month warranty (except for the glass-please be careful!) We will replace the terrarium if anything happens to the plants within that time.

    Not sure which terrarium is right for you? Here at Terra Garden, we can create a special custom terrarium designed just for you and your space, or help you choose one of our lovely set designs. It all depends on the style of the room, the amount of space you want to fill, and the impact you want your terrarium to have. Even a small terrarium can create an oasis on an office desk. A large and spectacular terrarium will create a beautiful focal point and fill a room with peace.