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custom aquariums for home, office, buildings & malls

We provide custom aquariums that are designed to work in any space, from personal homes to office buildings and public spaces such as malls. Our versatility and expertise in custom aquarium design allows us to create solutions for installations of any size. We specialize in acrylic and glass aquariums.

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Why we specialize in custom design aquariums

At Terra Garden, our goal is to deliver exactly what our customers want, which is why we focus on custom design aquariums, rather than pre-made designs. Here’s why
custom design aquariums are your best option:


With custom design aquariums, we can deliver exactly what you expect


Our custom designs will ensure that your aquarium will fit your requirements

No other company offers custom design aquariums. We stand alone in believing that our customers deserve a unique, and suitable aquarium for their space.

Types of custom aquariums we design

Our high performing filtration systems

The health of your aquarium life, and the amount of work required to keep your tank clean relies heavily on your filtration system. Without the right filtration system, you may be forced to spend far more time than you expected cleaning and maintaining your tank.

To help you keep your aquarium life healthy, and your workload to a minimum, Terra Garden builds high-performing filtration systems that are customized to your specific tank. Pre-packaged systems are bound to either break, or under-perform. With our fully customized solution, however, your aquarium will remain clean and require low


Freshwater Aquariums

We design two types of freshwater aquariums – fish only, and planted aquariums.

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Saltwater Aquariums

We design three types of saltwater aquariums, including fish only, LPS (soft corals and fish) and SPS (hard corals).

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Thursday, February 11, 2016 3:25:08 AM Asia/Dubai

    You walk into a room. It is beautiful, elegant, tranquil. Then you notice: there is a miniature garden in a glass bowl resting on the table. Inside the glass, there is a tiny world of ferns or succulents, a fantasy of colors and shapes. Welcome to the world of terrariums!

    A terrarium is a tiny indoor garden in glass, where perfect growing conditions can be maintained in a miniature natural environment. The first terrarium was accidentally invented by Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in 1842. He was observing insect life under glass and discovered that plants would grow in those conditions, too. He used what he called “War

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